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Ricky Fucks Drake

Another fresh week and time to see another new theguysite scene here just as always. You know that we’re all about that sexy stud action every week and we strive to bring you the best of the best without fail. We think that we did a decent job so far with it. But anyway, we hope that this site became your number one go to place to check out some naughty guys getting down and dirty with each other and have fun while they get nasty. Anyway, this week for the juicy and fresh the guy site scene we have Ricky and Drake, two new guys that are about to get down and dirty and Drake gets to be on the receiving end of this hard style afternoon fuck today!


The two have the bedroom all to themselves as you can clearly see and we are sure that you will enjoy watching them as much as they enjoyed playing together. The clothes came off quick, naturally, and after that whole thing, Drake gets right to sucking Ricky’s cock to make sure that it’s rock hard and lubed for his ass with his spit as he’s going to be taking it bareback this fine afternoon. We’ll let it up to you to discover the rest of the show here, but we think that you’ll enjoy the view of the two getting to fuck hard style for the cameras. Anyway, enjoy and see you soon and until next time, if you want more, check out the past updates too! For similar material, enter the site and have fun watching some cum hungry frat guys having sex!

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TheGuySite – Blowing Chris

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back. You will recall that in a past theguysite scene we had a former marine here by the name of Chris and he got to play all solo for you. Well today it’s time for his encore as you can clearly see, as he gets to have another guy keep him company and play with him for the duration of the show. So let’s get started right away and you can see some incredibly hot images in this galleries featuring the horny Chris having that cock sucked nice and hard by the other the guy site stud in this scene. It’s one show that you won’t want to pass up on checking out, trust us everyone!

Well as this show begins, you can see the hot military man do just what he did last time, which is strip and pose to begin this scene neatly. But pretty soon after he was all naked and began to stroke his dick slowly, the other guy comes in to help and you just have to see the guy getting down on his knees and taking Chris’s cock into his hands. Watch him stroke that thing with expertise and then see his lips wrap around firmly on the meat pole as well, which is continued by the guy passionately deep throating it as well here. We hope that you’ll enjoy seeing Chris shoot a load on the guy’s face and we’ll be back soon with more updates for you all! Also you might enter the FraternityX site and see some sexy studs milking big fat dicks!


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Muscle Bear Ironworker

It’s that time of the week again and you know what that means. You get access to more theguysite scenes to check out and this time we have one stud that will definitely blow you away. Of course, he’s got bulging muscles and such as he is an iron worker and looks the part too from all that physical labor. Well he’s here to let you check out his simply stunning and lovely body in a solo scene that will blow you away and he knows just what to do to make a superb first impression here at the guy site today. Either way you will be in for quite the scene with this stud getting naughty so let’s get to waste no time and get his show on the road already!


Of course, like all glorious scenes here start out, this one has the guy taking his time to play with himself a bit while he does his undressing and stripping for you all. Take your time to watch him do all of the bodybuilding poses to begin with as he wants you to see every inch of his sexy naked body from every possible angle as well. Once he is done with the stripping and the show and tell, you can watch him grab a hold of his cock now that it got pretty hard as well and you can see him starting to jack off fast and hard for you. And of course he ends up blowing a load too. Enjoy this scene for the afternoon and see you all next week! Also you might visit the site if you wanna see other hot gay men having sex!

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His First Toy Shoot

Hey there and welcome. It’s time to see more delicious stuff here at theguysite and you’ve come just in time to check out some more glorious and sexy solo scenes with hot studs. The guy here today is having his first photo shoot of this kind, but you can pretty much see that he was still a natural at revealing his body to the cameras too. So once we get started and the show is rolling, you will be getting to see him show off some pretty incredible natural talent for taking his time to pose around all nude and show off his sexy body curves here today for you. So with that in mind, let’s just get right into it and see the guy site scene roll and this guy in some nasty action!

As we get the show started, the guy is in his outfit and he seems ready and eager to get to play too. So of course, first order of business for him is to get to undress and he does that by putting on the most sensual and hot strip show that a guy can put on. He’s just so impressive and you can see that superb muscle bod getting revealed inch by inch today. it seems that he also has knack for getting to be a cock tease as well and that should serve him well in the future. We’re saying that because we’ll definitely want this stud back in more future theguysite scenes. Anyway, enjoy the view of his show and see you all soon with more naughty content! Also you might visit the ladyboygold site if you wanna see some big cocked t girls jerking off their big fat cocks!


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TheGuySite – Double Muscle

Another fresh week is here and it’s time to show off another new theguysite scene without delay that’s for sure. This one has a double trouble feel to it as we bring you not one, but two very hot and sexy muscled studs that get to show off to you all for the afternoon here. And as juicy and sexy as they are you should know that these two like to always spend their time in the gym sculpting those bodies all naturally though hard work. They also like to get naughty together too, hence the reason why they are both featured in this the guy site scene here today. So let’s get right to it and see them undress and show off their naked glory for you!


As soon as we get the kinky show rolling, the studs make their entry naturally just like all the studs around here and they were already sporting pretty little clothing to begin with. But that’s just fine as the two hot guys get around to undress pretty quickly and reveal those sexy bodies for you all here today with some parts of it getting to see them get all touchy feely with one another too. But either way, you will pretty much adore them getting to show off their dicks and muscles on camera today and we’re hoping to get to have them back in the future too. Meanwhile enjoy and see you next week once again with a new and fresh gallery update!

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EX Marine Chris

This week’s new theguysite gallery features a hot and sexy stud by the name of Chris and he happens to be an ex marine. He did the time and served the country but now he gets to serve you as well in another way, by showing off how gorgeous he looks all naked here. So take your time to sit back and enjoy one simply stunning and glorious gallery with the hot ex army guy as he plays on camera for you. His gallery has a lot of images featuring him getting all naughty and nasty and playing with that dick for the whole duration. With that being said, let’s get around to just watch him get kinky in this superbly juicy the guy site scene today.

As soon as the show begins, Chris here makes his entry and gets to show off what he’s all about. You just need to sit back and relax as you can check him out undressing first and foremost and revealing that curvy body of his. Naturally, the best part of this whole thing is when he gets to show off his cock and you can bet that he got all hard and exited too. So to calm that meat pole down he gets to take his time to wank it off too. Check him out masturbating for your viewing pleasure and his pleasure as well in this scene and do come back around next week to check out a fresh new gallery update everyone!


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TheGuySite – Hairy DILF

Today’s theguysite show is another one that you simply cannot skip over and you get to see another hot stud in a pretty hot and juicy solo scene. He was here all ready to play and he wants to show you just how eager he is to play or your viewing pleasure too. Anyway, he has the afternoon and the sofa all to himself and he gets to do whatever he wants on it too…just in case it wasn’t clear where you were and what these hot and juicy studs like to do. Jokes aside though everyone, let’s get this the guy site scene started and let’s watch this juicy and hot guy show off to you all that naked and sexy body of his without any more delays here today!


So as the hunky stud makes his entry, he gets to do the stripping thing straight off. Watch him reveal more and more of that beautiful muscled body and check him out taking time to pose from every possible angle for you so that you may see every inch of that hot body. He eventually gets to take the spot on the couch and starts to touch himself all over too. So sit back and watch as he gets to stroke his cock and play with himself for the rest of it and have fun. We’re sure that you will like seeing him getting nasty and you can bet that there will be more hot theguysite shows soon. All you need to do is drop by and check them out without delay everybody!

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Blowing Phillip

Hey there again everyone. We’re back in action with more all new and all fresh theguysite scenes here and some more superb galleries that you just need to check out without delay. In this new one we have a couple that gets kinky with each other and you just need to see them have a go at each other’s butt holes in this naughty scene here. Philip got to have this afternoon to himself and he had his fuck buddy over as well for it as he wasn’t about to spend it alone. And you can pretty much take a wild guess and come to the conclusion that Philip and his buddy here are going to be getting to do some fucking on the guy site cameras this afternoon!

Well, as the cameras begin to roll, our two studs make their entry to the scene and you can see them starting to get busy right from the start of it all as well. There’s plenty of kissing getting done as the guy’s get one another more and more excited and naked too. And when they’re ready, you can see Philip sitting back and letting his buddy suck his meaty cock for the foreplay of this scene. And naturally, Phil here wants to reward the guy too. That is achieved by him then fucking the guy’s brains out as he pounds him anally all over the place for the afternoon. Enjoy this one and do come back again soon for another new and fresh theguysite update as well. Bye bye!


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TheGuySite – Italian Muscle

Hey there guys, and welcome to a new and fresh theguysite scene here today. You know what we’re all about and what you get to see around this place and there’s more of it to check out. This show features a superbly hot Italian stud that gets to show off his body for you and the cameras and he knows exactly how good he looks. He’s not shy about exposing that body either and that’s great since we could capture his sexiness from every single angle here today. So let’s not waste time and get his the guy site scene going shall we? We bet that you want to see him in action as he takes the time to get all naked and play with himself here!


When the cameras start to roll, you can see that he has that room all to himself and he is going to put the space to good use as he gets naughty and kinky today. Well let’s get the cameras rolling and see the guy slowly taking off more and more of his clothes to reveal those sexy body curves. Before you know it he’s all naked and ready to get nasty too. And after he chooses a nice spot, the stud gets around to start stroking that meat as well now that he was getting nice and excited too. So watch him jack off until he blows a load as well in this scene and we’ll see you again real soon with more all new scenes and more hot and horny guys! Check out the site if you wanna see some hot t girls jerking off! Have fun!

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Big Low Hangers

Theguysite is here with lovely and luscious scenes to show you today and you can bet that there’s more delicious stuff to witness. In this scene we get to watch the hot stud in the preview as he gets to play nasty and naughty for you and he is quite eager to get to do so as well. Expect to see him showing off his big cock and balls this afternoon just for you as he puts his body on display and we can pretty much guarantee that there’s enough stuff to see in his little the guy site gallery here. So with that in mind, let’s just get the show going and see this hot guy getting around to expose his balls and dick for you for the whole afternoon shall we?

Well to begin with, the guy was in this storage room all by himself and what better place to spend the time to show off his body than right here as he seems very very eager to get to be naughty anyway. So take the time to see him take off that shirt and pants and then watch as he gets busy showing off more and more for you. By that of course, we mean that he wants to show you his cock and you get to see the guy expose his meat and start to play with it and his balls too. The whole thing makes for some pretty incredible scenes here and we’re sure that you will enjoy them too. We’ll be seeing you guys next week with another new and juicy the guy site update! Also you can check out the site if you wanna see some big cocked trannies jerking off!


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